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Generations kampen

Generations kampen is a companion app for a Swedish board game. Players must answer a pop culture question about a nostalgic video before the water drains from the screen.

  1. Dynamic animations

  2. Content management system

  3. Intelligent question selection

  4. Inline video integration

  1. Admin authentication

  2. Audio/visual feedback

  3. Liquid animation timer

  4. Responsive on any screen

Animated gif of generations kampen web app
Screenshot of generations kampen web app

Rainbow of emotions

Rainbow of emotions is an interactive web application that enables people to identify and manage their emotions. The rainbow is fully customisable - add or change colours, images and even audio.

  1. Stripe payment integration

  2. Interactive animations

  3. Audio recording

  4. Image upload

  1. User authentication

  2. Extensive customisation

  3. Intuitive design

  4. Responsive on any screen

Animated gif of rainbowofemotions.app web app
Screenshot of rainbowofemotions.app web app


Origami.cool is an E-commerce web app for hand-folded origami models. Admin users can add and edit products, view and manage orders and control user privileges.

  1. Paypal payment integration

  2. Secure checkout

  3. Add and edit products

  4. Manage users and orders

  1. User authentication

  2. Interactive animations

  3. Intuitive design

  4. Responsive on any screen

Animated gif of origami.cool web app
Screenshot of origami.cool web app